Pierreuse Sentimentale

Benoit Albert’s music is a self portrait of a complex intelligence, perpetually self questioning, questing… One eye on the past, the tradition, how to escape from it? The other eye, always on the horizon. Voyaging with Siegfried in the realms of metaphor and mythology (Ring Triptych), or looking at the world through Mr Prokofiev’s glasses (5 Tributes), we catch glimpses of a familiar landscape only to digress, plunge, perhaps to unquiet depths and yet always sense a continual process of building, of ordering, of beauty. On this disc we travel through apparently exotic climes, with disconcerting harmonies, vertiginous spaces and rich colours, that create a truly cinematic effect. But the journey is internal, the soundtrack of our hearts and bodies: « we are the music while the music lasts »

Paul Storey.