Quatuor et quintette

La Cie des Arts

Quatuor and quintet

Laurène ALBERT, dance
Jérôme SIMONPOLI, oboe/english horn
Emmanuel FERRAN, clarinet/bass clarinet
Christophe GEILLER, violin/viola
Benoît ALBERT, guitar


musique d’astor PIAZZOLLA

” My music is a popular chamber music that comes from the Tango …”

excerpt from one of the last interview of Astor Piazzolla conducted in 1989 by Gonzalo Saavedra .


music of Benoît ALBERT

Conduit N°1 (violon solo)
Conduit N°2 (clarinette basse solo)
Five Four Tango
Conduit N°3 (Cor Anglais solo)
Ardhana Kâlî Conduit N°4 (guitare solo)