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CD – Solo guitar and electronics – “Ring Triptych” – composition by Benoît ALBERT

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Paul Storey et Benoît Albert ont choisi « La mort de Siegfried » pour scène centrale d’un triptyque où les idées musicales et visuelles se développent ensemble comme le mouvement d’une fugue et se combinent, produisant un espace imaginaire unique.

Product Description

Paul Storey is a keen music lover and practices classical guitar with a passion. In 2006, his meeting with musician Albert Benoit revolved around their shared interest in music and creation in general. Driven by the desire to create together, the project “Ring Triptych”  became self evident, this is a theme dear to the painter on which collaboration already exists with the American writer Tad Williams, http://www . For the Ring Triptych “, Paul Storey and Albert Benoît chose “The Death of Siegfried” for the central scene of a triptych in which the visual and musical ideas grow together as the movement of a fugue and combine, producing a unique imaginary space.

Erda (electronic)

Siegfried suite (solo guitar)

In vacuo (electronic)

Siegfried suite (solo guitar)
Danses de l’étrange

A brief moment of consciousness (electronic)



Published by les Productions d’OZ  -Canada


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