Ensemble Suonatori

Ensemble Suonatori

Christophe GEILLER – baroque violin et viola
Jian Nan – guzheng
Benoît CARRILLON – luth, theorbo and baroque guitar
Géraldine Bruley – viola da gamba
Saori SATO – harpsichord and percussions
Benoît ALBERT – romantic guitar and milltone (tongue drum)
Jodel GRASSET – percussion, üd and colachon

Founded in 2006 by the lutenist René Vayssière, Suonatori ensemble is based along the Garonna Valley and gather 7 musicians around the Italian and Espagnol repertoire of the early baroque.

The origin of their repertoire follows the tradition of improvisation that developed the dance music performers for centuries. These dances have been gradually transformed to grant the baroque tastes imposed by the Court. Those dances were often described initially as ” barbaric ” and ” immoral .”

Usually built on a ground bass, the music improvisation offers great potential for freedom that led Suonatori together to affirm its desire to cultivate the improbable mixtures, to affirm its commitment in the present, alive and sensitive. The traditional and improvised music of the twentieth century inevitably leads Suonatori to the ” Barock’n’roll ” aesthetic. The actual current mix of cultures also encourages Suonatori to mix instruments from different horizons and eras : medieval times, renaissance, baroque and romantic, not to mention the extra- European instruments.

Besides its programming as part of festivals , Ensemble Suonatori is also invited to masterclasses in conservatories and music schools. His approach to the music makes possible the encounter of different times and spaces , and connects us in a perpetual motion momentum of Life.


Mantovana, Spagnoletta, Tarentella, Hacha
Zanetti, Sanz

Preludio, Capona, Corrente, Canario, Aria del gran Duca
Kapsberger, Sweelinck, Giamberti

Bergamasca, Passacalle, Ciacona, Sfessaina, Fandango
Uccelini, Biber, Marini, Cazzatti, Kabsberger, Soler

La spagna

Fantasia, Calata alla spagnuola, Conde Claros, Pavana
Dalza, Ortiz, Cabezon, Milan

Nana, Jacaras, Folias
Merula, Guerau, Santiago de Murcia, Falconiero, Corelli


Durée: 1h 15