Benoît Albert

Guitar teacher since September 2014 at the Toulouse Conservatoire and at the ISDAT (Toulouse), I develop a pedagogy rooted in the classical tradition forwarded to me while connecting it to my experience as an artist of our time. I work in collaboration with other arts. Creation, composition, improvisation and the use of modern tools such as computers, recording or rhythmical sequences are many useful tools for the student for a mindful personal and musical development.

The Toulouse Conservatory is a historic conservatory for the guitar as this is the first class in France founded in 1963 by Marc Franceries. It is an institution of great demand and delivering a solid and comprehensive training. For the guitar, the teaching team includes two guitar teachers and one assistant, we welcome beginners from 8 years and higher levels are subject to an entrance examination.

Feel free to check Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Toulouse et de L’institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse